Extraordinary Energy + Growth Mindset = Success, Freedom, Balance, and Joy

A Mindset Coach is someone who helps you identify your beliefs and thought systems (your mindset) and then works with you to shift any mindsets that may be holding you back and/or develop new ones that will support your goals.

Most Mindset Coaching strategies are based on Carol Dweck’s theory about growth mindsets vs. fixed mindsets. This is the concept that a person’s “mindset” is another term for someone’s personal beliefs and if we’re just talking about beliefs, they can be changed.

What Is A Mindset Coach?

A Mindset Coach is someone committed to rewiring an individual’s mindset, resulting in them unlocking their full potential and living as the most extraordinary version of themselves. Someone who is professionally trained to inspire and motivate you to maximize your full potential and reach your goals.

As a Mindset Coach, I focus on YOUR current beliefs and thought-patterns to recognize, question, and change persistent mindsets that no longer serve you.

Do I Need A Mindset Coach?

I found myself asking this question a few years ago when I was feeling a little “stuck” in my life. Well, maybe I was less asking, “What is a Mindset Coach and do I need one?” and more asking, “What the heck? How did I get here and what am I going to do differently if I want a different outcome?” It quickly became apparent to me that my present state of stuck-ness was 90% due to my mindset and 10% due to my circumstances created by my mindset.

I needed a significant mindset shift if I was going to do anything differently than I had before and begin to see changes in my life.

I didn’t need a Therapist for this because I wanted to focus more on outcomes and changes, versus the history and “why” that led me here. There was a Life Coach I worked with once too, and while it was wonderful, it felt like we were too often painting in broad strokes and not getting down to the core issues for me in that moment.

Enter Mindset Coaching.

I stumbled upon a Mindset Coach and it felt like the clouds finally parted.

Were they a miracle worker? No.

Did they work with me to explore my current mindsets and facilitate significant shifts that led to extraordinary success? Yes.

Was it as easy as I am making it sound? Nope, not a chance.

After some targeted life changes, I eventually trained and became a Certified Mindset Coach myself, which leads us back to your original question and my working definition of a Mindset Coach.

What Can A Mindset Coach Help Me With?

First and foremost, a Mindset Coach is a perfect fit if you’re feeling stuck, want to move forward, and are ready to do the work. Some other areas we can work through are:

Shattering limiting beliefs“I’ll never get that promotion…”
Silencing your inner saboteur “I am not good enough…”
Creating the life you want “I wish I could start my own business…”
Discovering your life’s purpose “Where I am today is not where I want to be in 5 years…”
Improving time management (yes, this is all about mindset too)“I never have enough time…”
Creating and supporting boundaries “I am always doing what everyone else wants…”
Getting over it! “I just can’t let go of…”

Why Is My Mindset Important?

Trust me when I say that your mindset is everything. It’s the difference between success and giving up. It is setting healthy boundaries for others and yourself. If your mindset is rocking, everything else will begin to follow. It’s the work only you can do and that is AMAZING news because it means your future is in your control. A Mindset Coach is just a supportive partner along your journey, helping to unlock everything that is already within you.

What is a Mindset Coaching Session Like?

Chances are, if you’re on this post, coaching would likely benefit you. Coaching is for anyone wanting to show up better tomorrow with what they already have today. It is for those of us that crave the extraordinary and need a little boost to get there. YOU have the vision and the answers, the coach is just part of the journey to help you get there.

Mindset Coaching Is:

Action-oriented: You come to the game prepared to play, ready to discuss your goals and to starting taking action
Centered in accountability: You are making the changes and I can help you stay accountable, but you will largely be accountable to yourself
Co-creative: This is a verbose way of saying we’ll work together on plans and solutions. You are already resourceful and creative; nobody knows better about what works and doesn’t work for you than you. It’s bringing out some of those solutions where a Mindset Coach comes in
Work: There is a lot of work involved. It will be tough. However, it will be fun and enormously valuable to you, if you’re willing to choose yourself and put in the work

Mindset Coaching Is Not:

Counseling/Consulting/Therapy: A certified and accredited coach will never offer you advice, counseling, or consulting as part of a coaching or chemistry call. That is not what coaching is
Quick fixes/The secret to success: Spoiler alert, none of those are real anyway. There is not an easy solution or a magic potion that will make all your troubles disappear. A mindset shift takes dedication, grit, and resilience. That doesn’t happen overnight

Closing Thoughts On Mindset Coaching

Obviously, I’ve drank the Kool-Aid about Mindset Coaching. My experience was tremendously valuable and I want to bring that experience to others, so I trained and became a Certified Mindset Coach. If you’re still with me, reading along, and take one thing from this post, take with you that your mindset is so important in your life and YOU have the power to change it.

There are times when we all need a little extra support and if you find yourself there and ready to make a change, find a Mindset Coach (like ME, hint hint, nudge nudge)! I’d love to hear from you and see how we could work together to shift your mindset to extraordinary levels. Schedule a Chemistry Call with me today, by clicking here.

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